Fourthwall Youth Studios, a filmmaking and digital media program for youth in Junior High and High School. We offer summer programming, after school programming and internships  in filmmaking, digital media and technology.

We like to think we are more like a Cast of Catalysts that will ensure you keep making it until you make it. Ignite your genius, meet new friends. Either way we will have an excellent journey together. Before you know it, you will be on your way to realizing a dream and developing the skills necessary to achieve it.


Fourthwall will be kicking off a new set of summer camps. Our 2-week award winning camps will be held at various locations around the city including Madisonville, Price Hill, Millvale and the Downtown. Please PRE-REGISTER at the link above.


Fourthwall’s mobile video studio will be on the road soon. Like many Hollywood productions, the “struggle bus” had to also go on hiatus during COVID. The mobile studio comes complete with edit suites, video production gear, its own internet access and power. If you are interested in bringing a turnkey film and digital media program to your school or community please get in touch at

Our mobile studio is made possible by the generous support of Impact 100 with a supporting grant from the Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation.


Fourthwall is hiring!



Fourthwall is looking for some expert dreamers and legendary storytellers to work on summer camps and commercial projects. These are paid positions.

Click here or go to ‘We’re Hiring’ in the ‘About Us’ section.


Fourthwall will be partnering with Cincinnati Academy of Performing Arts again in 2021 to provide a summer film camp to area teens.

Last year was a great success, managing to safely navigate COVID, produce some socially distant but delightful films and even continue with our award winning streak!

Dates for the CAPA camp are August 2nd –  August 13th, 2021.

Go to CAPA’s website now at for more details and to register.

Fourthwall Youth Studio participants will be immersed in an intensive, hands-on, professional style production. All equipment will be provided. We will mentor you through the production process and take you on field trips to companies where creativity is applied on a daily basis. You and your team will expected to complete a finished film, on time and on budget.

You will go through the following production process as you make your film as part of a team.

You will also develop skills you may not have but will need >>>

  • Film Critique
  • Story Development
  • Script Writing
  • Production Planning
  • Script Breakdown/Shot Blocking
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Field Trips
  • Premiere
  • Film Festival Submissions

Parents & Students! ART = 21st CENTURY SKILLS GAP

SKILLS GAP: Employers gives graduates low grades for job preparedness in non academic categories, creating a critical 21st Century skills gap. The filmmaking discipline can help you develop many of these skills and get you ready for your next adventure.

Working Effectively with Others in Teams — 27%
Critical/Analytical Thinking — 26%
Being Innovative/Creative — 25%
Written Communication — 27%
Applying Knowledge/Skills To Real World — 23%
Working With People From Different Backgrounds — 20%
Analyzing/Solving Complex Problems — 24%
Organizing/Evaluating Information — 29%

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Falling Short...

An AACU/Stanford survey of 500 employers give graduates lower scores for preparedness across 17 different learning outcomes.

The Association For American Colleges and Universities.
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